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Running a business is hard work. Changing the food system is harder. We needed great tools. Reliable. Secure. Simple.

We've got that covered.

    • Supplier Qualification Process
    • Food Safety & Best Practices
    • Product Development Management
    • Change Management
    • Pricing & Production Planning
    • Inventory Management
    • Supply Chain Analysis & Design

    Management of multiple and geographically diverse supply flows

    Supply chains have become much more complex in recent years, with a number of dynamic forces in play, including sourcing practices, diversification in sales and distribution formats. Because full and accurate visibility of incoming flows is more important than ever, we offer high-reliability real time tracking of our supply.

    Supply chain cost optimization

    Control over the supply chain is a determining factor for competitive performance. Along with purchasing and marketing, transport and logistics are crucial productivity levers. We meet our management and optimization needs of international flows, providing solutions and effective support to growth our initiatives.

    Permanent in-stock product availability

    Successful performance of the business is highly dependent on the availability of products. This means we need to ensure fast shipments while minimizing storage. To prevent outages we offers highly responsive, agile solutions covering all geographical locations.

    Reliable logistics for chain distribution

    Because our customers rely on the delivery times we promise, reliability becomes a critical factor to our brands image. In taking responsibility for the reliability of our supply chain, we take charge of our deliveries and commits to strict lead time compliance in all circumstances.

    Handling of very large goods volumes

    We are regularly confronted with seasonal peaks, so we´ve select responsive partners who are capable of handling the logistics and transport of large volumes of goods at critical times. Ombu size and scope can take on very substantial physical flows, under tight schedules, overseas.

    A more responsible supply chain

    European and Asian regulations are driving a shift toward responsible business practice with an emphasis on sustainable development. Ombu integrates environmental and social factors in the supply chain management solutions it offers. Such environmental care includes measures for carbon footprint reduction, management of electrical and electronic waste and appropriate best practice in handling reverse logistics.

    People can solve big problems with thoughtful design and incremental action. Ombu achieve its sourcing goals and supply chain vision wi team’s unrivaled combination of food, logistics and business development experience.