Healthy & Sustainable Food & Beverages Made in Latam

Single Source Supply of High Demand & Diferentiated Products

To provide our clients with the best products, quality, price and range, we source directly from origin ensuring the best possible deal. 

Regional Procurement & Culture of Fast Innovation

To keep up with market trends and industry innovation, the company has gathered a highly experienced team of regional procurement experts, which not only understands the importance of sourcing high quality products, but also the critical aspect of reaching each client’s shelf on time.

Faster & More Flexible Product Development

Ombu operates with its own in house product development department targeting customers main stream consumers needs. Our Quality Assurance team works closely with international laboratories to comply with regulations prior to any product launch, printing of labels or materials.

Private Label & Integrated Planning

Aware of the rapid growth of store brand products in recent years, Ombu offers a dynamic supply chain capability allowing our customers to be nimble, responsive and adaptive. With more than 100 SKUs with your own private label brand, if we do not carry the item you need, we can work together and develop it based on your specific needs. We understand the strict standards to which private companies hold their brands. Choose from our extensive product line and we will work with your labeling requirements.

Bulk Ingredients & Raw Materials

With access to raw materials throughout the region we offer packers and manufacturers bulk ingredients delivered at their own production facilities.

Agile Supply Chain

Effective supply chain management takes more than just being able to manage and coordinate the supply of food from point A to point B. It requires an intimate understanding of our clients needs. Our company´s logistics networks is managed with precicion to ensure the timely delivery of each load.

Import - Export Knowledge

Compliance with EU and Asian customs and each country’s export regulations is a critical task in the process of sourcing regional food products. Ombu’s team has an excellent reputation in the interpretation of customs regulations, procedures and adjusting product labels to comply with international standards.

Solid Partnerships

Partnerships are rewarding relationships. They require trust, transparency and understanding to work. We build success -ful long-term partnerships with clients and suppliers based on these values, with two clear goals in mind: to contribute to the growth of their business, and to take over those tasks that are not part of their core operations. 

Fulfilling Relationships

Clients work with us for many reasons. The most important of which is that we’re much more than just a distributor: we’re a contract partner. We use our knowledge and experience to develop practical solutions to clients’ day-to-day challenges, while developing the strategic value we can offer their business in the future. This long-term focus benefits our clients’ business, our suppliers’ business and our business, and gives us greater insights into the issues that are shaping the market.

Trade Shows & Events

The company participates in the following trade shows: ANUGA, SIAL, PLMA, BIO FACH, PROWINE and FRUIT LOGISTICA, amongst others.