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People can solve big problems with thoughtful design and incremental action. Ombu achieve its sourcing goals and supply chain vision with our team’s unrivaled combination of food, logistics and business development experience.

The Right Products

Customer-led Insight

As more and more retailers create their own private label products, or partner with brands for exclusive lines, developing the right products that delight customers is more critical than ever. We harness customers trends insights to create superior products, which in turn leads to higher margins.

Culture of Fast Innovation

In today’s retail environment where information is real-time and delivery is next-day, product development timelines move, in comparison, at glacial speed. We shift in the way we approach product innovation, embracing a culture of fast innovation—one predicated on iterative product development.

Network Partners

Whether developing a private label or manufacturing exclusive branded lines, the key is to leverage a network. We offer more and more differentiated products, taking care of every aspect of product development and delivery to spur product innovation.

The Right Products - Right Now

Repeatable Platforms

Winning in retail requires not only being right—it requires being right now. Creating differentiated, high-demand products won’t add to profit margins if they’re introduced a season too late. We find the synergies from product to product, season to season meaning a faster, more flexible production. 

Integrated Planning

Through integrated planning, we operate from one plan against which the entire company executes. Because processes are linked, changes can be reflected quickly—in-season. We achieve seamless planning with significant systems investments, new processes, and substantial focus on change management and training.

Online Platform Supply Chain

Our company is backed by a dynamic order management and distribution system that allows us to fulfill any channel by choosing the most cost effective model to supply a given product to a given customer at a given time.

The Right Products, Right Now - Delivered Efficiently

End-to-End Value Chain Awarness

In order to obtain speed to customer, we need to drive awareness and understanding of end-to-end implications of key decisions which may lead to inefficiencies across the supply chain. We gain insight into supply chain patterns that help us avoid negative factors. Gaining this level of visibility requires customer collaboration and analytics capabilities that can predict how past events will shape future demand.

Result Oriented Culture

Minimizing approval layers, accelerating decision making, avoiding too many meetings, ensuring true decision making power is  the foundation for a results-oriented company and ultimately, enhanced operational efficiency.

Lean Execution

Retailers worldwide struggle to manage complexity: There are simply too many products, services, suppliers, customer segments and processes steering them all. We avoid poorly connected processes, information gaps, and operational silos which create waste and re-work and contribute to sub-optimal cost structures by offering a shorter and transparent supply chain.